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Easy document handling

The Repository will enable you an easier management of project files, sharing them with other users and versioning

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Efficient cooperation

Thanks to the Repository you may run a project implemented by many persons in an easy and efficient manner.

Files versioning

You may see the history of changes of files and if necessary return to the previous version.

Track activity

At any moment you may see the list of activities of individual users of the project.

Manage project data

You decide which users have the access to individual files of the project.

Financial analysis

Accelerate works over the project generating a ready-made financial analysis of the enterprise.

Generate report

Generate synchronized reports and check activities at individual stages of the project.

Create document

Share it with colleagues

Track changes history

Return to the previous version, if necessary


Registration will take you no more than 5 minutes. The creation of a user account allows for creating and managing projects. Click Register, to start.

Create project

Create a new project, add the title and description of the project. Define the priority and the deadline for implementation.

Create groups, document and reports

Assign each project with at least one working group, within which it will be possible to exchange documents

Track activity

Check users’ activities, the history of changes of files and the progress in the project implementation.

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Register refers to an innovative service that facilitates management and coordination of various types of activities run in the company. The execution of the project requires the creation of a special organizational structure which is intended to prepare, organize and follow the progress of the project execution. Each huge undertaking run in the office requires the engagement of many people, who are experts in given areas. Thus, an appropriate management over human resources and the co-ordination of their activities is necessary.

The proper management of documents plays a particular role in such type of tasks at each stage of the project. The above mentioned allows for more effective activities as well as leads to the execution of assumed goals.

A complex solution of all problems is offered by the projects management program– Immediately after the registration as well as opening of the account, you gain the opportunity to launch a modern system of the documents circulation in your company.

Thanks to the portal you may create any project, name it, give it a title and priority as well as assign a working group to it. In that manner, you introduce the electronic documents circulation system between all the persons responsible for the execution of the project. The Repository renders available all the needed files at one place, and additionally it allows for archiving documents and generating templates as well as special reports. constitutes an effective tool, which helps increase the efficiency of cooperation during the execution of each project.

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